Gluten Free / Bread substitute
No additional ingredients are required.

Tapioca Flour Hydrated

The best way to make Brazilian Tapioca

"Gringo Burrito"

Chicken Breast Stroganoff

"Brazilian Tapioca"

How to make "Brazilian Tapioca"
in a minute!

Tapioca is a traditional dish from North and Northeast Brazil. You can create a variety of delicious meals using these inventive crepe-like pancakes made with “Tapioca Flour Hydrated” combined with your choice of filling: cheese, coconut flakes, chocolate, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, etc. No additional ingredients are required.

1. Tapioca Flour Hydrated is ready-made
2. Cooking time is less than 2 min

3. Gluten Free
4. Bread substitute
5. Low calorie
6. Alternative meal for pre and post-workout sessions
7. Low-sodium
8. Fat free

1. Heat the pan for about 1 minutes on high (preferably an 8 inch non-stick omelet style pan)
2. Reduce temperature to medium and spread the US TAPIOCA FLOUR (HYDRATED) into the pan, until it covers the entire bottom of the pan. 
3. Then let it sit for 1 minute
4. Flip over
5. Let that other side heat for 30 seconds and your tapioca is ready